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Why creativeideasSCAN?

Problem solving workshops can generate hundreds of creative ideas that are more often than not sent to be recycled on sheets of discarded post-its. Everyone who works with or alongside an organisation as either an employee, partner or customer can often see ways of improving existing processes or new opportunities in the market but have no easy way to submit these.


This is a unique opportunity – a pre-configured tool for online and smartphone users to gather ideas on how to improve their organisation and make sense of the creativity landscape at the current time.

  • For managers, it offers a baseline of creativity – along with the potential for monitoring future creative shifts and patterns.
  • For facilitators, it offers the chance to gather more of the outputs from workshop-based methods.

Take a look at the demo creativeideasSCAN site.

Sign-up yours or your client’s organization for a creativeideasSCAN today! Within weeks of engaging your employees you’ll be able to:

  • Scan and manage innovation and observe, in real time, the benefits or failings of new initiatives
  • Monitor the system as a form of creativity radar, ensuring the early detection of patterns, ideas, opportunities and potential threats while they are still only weak signals.
  • Form the backbone of an annual/periodic creativity awards ceremony, celebrating creativity and innovation within the company.
  • Use the system to demonstrate that the company takes creativity and innovation seriously.
  • Capture every single creative idea from all your workshops.
  • Use it as an up to date training resource which could be regularly monitored as a form of peer group review.
  • Allow access to your customers and or partners and you will begin to see the benefits of ‘open innovation’.


creativeideasSCAN Service Options

We prepare and host your SCAN while you provide respondents to share their experiences and observations.  Data and summary reports are provided according to your needs and scheduled with a SCAN support person at launch.  Pricing options are as follows:


Email our creativeideasSCAN partner to discuss your SCAN requirements.