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Why changeSCAN?

changeSCAN uniquely provides leaders with fast and creative ways to:-

  • understand how their organization ‘thinks’ about change and what needs attention for any organisational change process to succeed;
  • measure how well their organizational change is going – in real time – and identify what needs to be done to enhance progress throughout the emergent process
  • engage their employee population in novel and intelligence-enhancing ways to contribute to organisational change

This moves ‘change intelligence’ beyond the more static and less engaging / insightful forms of ‘staff survey’ and ‘pulse checks’ common to many organisations.

Take a look at the demo changeSCAN site.



changeSCAN has been developed in partnership with Integral Change Consulting Ltd, which brings many years of experience working in partnership with senior leaders of large, complex systems attempting ambitious forms of change – in both private and public sectors.


Sign-up yours or your client’s organization for a changeSCAN today! In no time, you will have:-

  • Staff engaged in a new way, offering great insights from the bottom up and challenging any group-think amongst the leadership
  • New insights and ways of thinking about the organization’s change challenges and what is getting in the way of progress
  • Early warning of unusual patterns of thinking or behaviour occurring in parts of the organization
  • Rich data to support fresh tactics and strategies in response to the twists and turns of the change journey, quickly amplifying the positive while dampening the negative


changeSCAN Service Options

We prepare and host your SCAN while you provide respondents to share their experiences and observations.  Data and summary reports are provided according to your needs and scheduled with a SCAN support person at launch.


Email our changeSCAN partner to discuss your SCAN requirements.