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April Content and Site release

April 4, 2012

Hi Everyone

This is our first monthly release since launching the website on March 2nd. We plan to make a release like this every month, typically a combination of new or updated content and perhaps some additional features to the website.  The details are below. As always we'd love to hear back from you on what you're looking for? We're open to adopting requests for future development (on a month by month basis). Just use the User Voice panel, at the bottom left of each screen. 

This paper has been released for Premium Members and it discusses the role and importance of narrative, narrative fragments and how these can be used in a fictional space. Concept Papers have been developed to provide a simple and effective way of understanding the key principles and concepts that the methods have been built on. They are typically 1-2 pages and build understanding and awareness. 

This Method has been released for Premium Members and it provides guidance in the design and creation of prompting questions. These can be used in consulting methods, like Anecdote Circles, or, within the context of a SenseMaker® project.

This is our first (of many) published assemblies. Assemblies are available for Premium Members. This Assembly focuses on taking data (fragments) for a situation/topic that is initially perceived to have aspects/elements that are inherently complex and undertaking some initial probing of those aspects/elements that initially fall into the Complex domain.

  • Network Question & Answer feature (for all Network Members):

This new feature set on the Network website (available for all members), is where questions can be posted, responded to with answers and all of these voted up or down. Content submitted can be self tagged to help with simple classification and navigation. While we've seeded the site with a few questions, we'd encourage you to participate. Over time, those answers that are voted up and which are recognised across the Network as great answers, will become candidates to be added to the core Method or Assembly content on those pages, with attribution by name to the Author of this answer. To use this feature see the screen capture below:


Look forward to hearing from you.  


Warwick Holder

Cognitive Edge