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**Moved to End 2017** Making Sense of Safety – Houston, TX

In safety, one size does not fit all, and one approach doesn’t work for every situation. Given the hundreds and thousands of tools, techniques, practices, and approaches available to a safety leader, how does one decide what is best for a specific project, team or company? Is there a way to cut through the mass of information and choose an approach that allows flexibility, adaptability, and resilience?

Some advocate a “new view” in safety, which can sound like throwing out everything from the past. Should we really eliminate the safety rule book? Do we stop measuring lagging safety indicators? Eliminate Zero? Certainly, there must be a way to apply new thinking without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. How do we plot a course in safety that is best for us now, given all the alternatives and apparent contradictions?

“Making Sense of Safety” addresses these questions and more by applying the latest thinking in safety and complexity to both practical and seemingly intractable problems in safety and risk management. We provide tools and practices that help safety leaders sort out big and small challenges, integrating past successes with the latest theory and application.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Apply safety leadership principles to address complex challenges in safety and risk
  • Understand the dynamic nature of safety culture and how to work more effectively to create strong, more resilient cultures
  • Start applying complexity theory to safety issues, using the powerful Cynefin* sense-making framework to target specific improvements
  • To increase the effectiveness of current safety practices within a comprehensive framework of safety management
  • Identify commonalities in safety management with performance, quality, lean, agile and risk management
  • Engage a workforce in more effectively applying common sense and improved judgement to safety challenges in the field

* The Cynefin (pronounced ku-nev-in) Framework is a management decision-support tool for aiding action-planning in conditions of complexity and uncertainty. For more details, please read the award winning and highly cited Harvard Business Review article, ‘A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making’.



Michael has been a lead trainer and facilitator with Cognitive Edge for over 10 years.  With extensive experience in applying the Cynefin framework and Cognitive Edge techniques, Michael draws on highly relevant project references to assist participants in relating theory to practice.  With speaking and facilitation experience with large groups, Michael has developed a unique capability to deliver complex content and ideas in a way that audiences can relate to and apply.

Michael has an engineering degree and a graduate certificate in Knowledge Management.  He was amongst the first Cognitive Edge practitioners that served as the founders of the Cognitive Edge Network.

Over the past 25 years, Rick has been dedicated to the continual innovation of high impact consulting practices that support people in organizations to become masters of their own destinies. He has expertise in personal and organizational transformation, leadership development, safety strategy, assessment and diagnostics, and executive coaching. Rick has worked with companies in Energy, Construction, Mining, Publishing, in Major Capital Projects and in Operations. For the past 15 years, Rick was the Director of Development at JMJ Associates, where he provided thought leadership in safety transformation.

Over the past 2 decades, Rick has designed and led leadership programs that build new skills and capabilities while producing measurable business results. His interests are eclectic and wide-ranging, including study in psychology, philosophy, safety science, complexity theory, business strategy, evaluation and measurement, and postmodern thought.

Group discount:

If you can bring 3 people to pay, use the “GROUP DISCOUNT” and the 4th person can attend free of charge (effectively a 25% discount, you’ll buy 4 seats at a reduced price)

If you have further questions, please contact training@cognitive-edge.com

Cognitive Edge reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule the offered session.  In the event of cancelation or rescheduling, a full refund of course fees will be processed within 10 business days of cancellation or rescheduling notice.  Cancellations by registrants are only permitted with a minimum of 3 weeks notice ahead of course delivery date with refunds provided less a 10% processing fee. Substitutions are permitted at any time as well as rescheduling attendance to an alternate session within a 12 month period


June 29, 2017


8:30 am – 4:30 pm


From: USD 1345