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Leading in complexity

How do we plan and work in an unpredictable, volatile world? More and more people are questioning the traditional, linear assumptions hidden underneath many projects and plans we launch in hope to bring about positive social change. Good intentions are not enough. Strategic plans often backfire. Change initiatives grind to a halt.

How do we take the lead on social change when it’s not possible to know for sure how to get from A to B or what action will really make a difference in the end? How do we work in ways which reflect the ever changing nature of our social systems?

Complexity science is a robust, variegated field with multiple roots and different strands which draws from an understanding of society being a complex living system. One pioneer in this field is professor Dave Snowden, Founder of Cognitive Edge. Their framework and set of tools have helped many organizations and governments to lead and organize work effectively, make decisions and work with transformations. Their framework for working to make sense of complexity, Cynefin, supports decision makers in all sectors.

Forward Malmö is happy to invite you to a seminar with Dave, 23 Jan, afternoon.

Forward Malmö is an initiative that brings together people from all sectors in Malmö around a shared vision and ambition to take the work for Malmö as socially sustainable city to the next level. We learn, experiment and support each other in making greater impact for the good for all of Malmö.

Warm welcome to join us, especially if you are curious of how you could contribute more to a sustainable and fair city!

The event is also a pre-seminar for the full day workshop/training the 24 Jan “Mötesplats medskapande”. The two events share invitation and registration form. You are welcome to join in for just the 23rd or both.

After a short introduction, Dave will give a lecture for about 1,5 hours. Following that we will spend time making sense of his message, what it could mean for us and how it resonates with our own experiences and wishes for the future. Bring your curiosity and your questions!



Invitation 23rd and 24th

Facebook-event Mötesplats medskapande den 24:e


January 23


(All day event)