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**BY INVITATION ONLY** New Zealand Government: Multi-agency SenseMaker® Training

**This is a one-time, invitation only event**

Cognitive Edge, together with the New Zealand Fire Service, is conducting a multi-agency training session in SenseMaker® – this session focuses on the basic concepts and theories behind narrative enquiry, design principles of SenseMaker® studies, as well as actual design of a SenseMaker® project of your choice.

The NZFS is exploring the potential for using SenseMaker®, and the approach of distributed narrative and information gathering to help assess their internal culture, better inform their decision-making, and provide valuable information for their strategy development. It is our understanding that many departments within the government are already familiar with, and using Dave Snowden’s Cynefin model and approach.

The intent of this session would be to invite interested agencies to begin a multi-agency community of practice, where projects can share learnings and insights. The Fire Service is interested in assessing culture, attitudes towards safety, attitudes toward diversity, and potentially some national perspectives on things like volunteerism and emergency preparedness. But with diversity in participation, we can explore different applications based on your specific organisational interests.





What will we be doing?

As more people run SenseMaker®-fuelled projects, we want to share some of the guidelines and experience we’ve picked up in working with a wide variety of clients in recent years. Some of the experience was hard-won – there’s no need for you to make the mistakes we did…

This three-day session will combine the complexity theory, examples and exercises to guide people through the essential elements of a SenseMaker® project and help with some of the key options and decisions that need to be made to make it effective. We will also take a look at the new Analyst tool, which allows us real-time feedback of incoming data – this will enable us to understand the principles behind how we can share data, and trade insights, as well as change the way we have traditionally done monitoring and evaluation on policy and government interventions.



We strongly encourage participants to come with a potential project in mind so that they benefit from practical insight, not just theory. We will use participants’ projects to explore options and come up with practical proposals. For those not yet at that stage, we will also be working with demonstration projects.

  • Concepts & theories behind narrative enquiry and complexity
  • SenseMaker® Design principles – components of a signifier framework
  • Design your own signifier designs
  • Testing your framework
  • Planning your capture


About SenseMaker®

SenseMaker® is the only software and methodology licensed to use Cognitive Edge’s patented technique that encourages people to both share authentic experiences and then signify their perception of that experience. It prevents misinterpretation by (even well- intentioned) experts and allows the quantitative analysis of people’s authentic voice.

SenseMaker® provides a tool that gives equal voice to everyone without prejudice and while reducing researcher

bias and as such has been used to:

  • Understand people’s perspective of their world
  • Engage employees for useful feedback
  • Audit change initiatives and programmes
  • Develop co-created strategies and programmes for implementation of citizen and stakeholder engagement
  • Engage with citizens on complex issues
  • Develop cross- and multi-agency networks for collaborative learning


Attendance at this event is by invitation only – please email us for more information: zhen.goh@cognitive-edge.com


May 3, 2017 – May 5, 2017


9:00 am – 4:30 pm


From: NZ$850


1 O'Reily Ave
Te ro
New Zealand