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How to Build and Test SenseMaker® Frameworks – London

Unlike standard research techniques, SenseMaker® requires something that is not as misleading or as simplistic as a survey questionnaire – a signification framework. The signification framework serves as a way of indirectly asking questions and building a bridge of meaning between the respondent and the researcher.
In any SenseMaker® project, the framework is the critical element. Yet designing a framework is as much learned art as it is science. This course focuses exclusively on that single element, giving participants tools, understanding and real experience for building frameworks. It covers the potential pitfalls and opportunities, helping traditional researchers and novices alike to shift to a more sophisticated way of doing significant research.

This two-day course is based on Cognitive Edge’s experience of building frameworks for use in development, consumer research and government engagement.  It combines theory, examples and exercises to guide people through developing all the elements of a SenseMaker® signification framework for a narrative research project. The two-day course are ideal for those running their own SenseMaker® projects or supporting clients in doing narrative research.
For all our SenseMaker®-focussed courses, we strongly encourage participants to come with a potential project in mind so that they benefit from practical insight, not just theory. For those not yet at that stage, we will also be working with demo projects.

Elements of the course include

    • Using applications to gather SenseMaker® data – and the implications for framework development
    • Testing frameworks before live collection
    • Different types of prompts
    • How to avoid the typical pitfalls of frameworks:

        1. Direct questions
        2. Categories rather than concepts
        3. Unbalanced triads

Course tutor [Tony Quinlan] has years of experience running SenseMaker® projects for public, private and not-for-profit sector clients in many different environments and countries.  These range from cultural assessments of Middle East countries for government through sales improvement projects for Pfizer across Europe to gender attitude monitoring in Africa. As a regular Cognitive Edge trainer, he brings theory and practice together with examples of the good and bad as well as a sense of humour.

What is SenseMaker®?
SenseMaker® is the only software and methodology licensed to use Cognitive Edge’s patented technique that encourages people to both share authentic experiences and then signify their perception of that experience.  It prevents misinterpretation by (even well-intentioned) experts and allows the quantitative analysis of people’s authentic voice.
SenseMaker® provides a tool that gives equal voice to everyone without prejudice and while reducing researcher bias and as such has been used to:

    • Understand indigenous people’s perspective on their world
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Develop co-created strategies and programmes in the international development world
    • Explore consumers’ underlying attitudes to products and services – and identify opportunities to enrich customer loyalty
    • Engage with citizens on complex policy issues


Cognitive Edge reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule the offered session.  In the event of cancelation or rescheduling, a full refund of course fees will be processed within 10 business days of cancellation or rescheduling notice.  Cancellations by registrants are only permitted with a minimum of 3 weeks notice ahead of course delivery date with refunds provided less a 10% processing fee. Substitutions are permitted at any time as well as rescheduling attendance to an alternate session within a 12 month period.


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NOTE: Group discounts cannot be used cumulatively with Network Membership discounts. If you have further questions, please contact info@cognitive-edge.com


November 5, 2015 – November 6, 2015


9:00 am – 5:00 pm