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Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations Plus (2+1) — Innovation and Collaboration

The Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations Plus (2+1) concept consists of a two-day Foundations course followed by a one-day extension course. You can choose to participate in the Foundations only, the extension day only, or both courses.

Foundations (2 days) Extension (1 day) Both (3 days)

Who should attend?

Anyone from environments characterised by uncertainty, diversity of opinions, multiple perspectives and options, limited resources and rapidly shifting and competing priorities who wants to make an impact.

The Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations (4–5 March)

Foundations (2 days) — Register Now

  • The principles of complexity and complexity thinking
  • Exploration of Cynefin™ framework in depth, applications in different settings and contexts, and for different issues and challenges
  • Foundational Cognitive Edge facilitation methods, for strategic and operational applications
  • Hands-on experience in thinking through Cynefin™ applications in areas such as:
    • organisational change and transformation,
    • improving decisionmaking, and
    • creating the conditions for leadership effectiveness, engagement, collaboration and innovation.
  • The course fee covers
    • Morning and afternoon tea, light lunch
    • Copy of course materials (pdf post program)
    • Notebook
    • Access to a range of Cognitive Edge techniques and templates
    • Registered for Cognitive Edge Cynefin™ Foundations Online Training (valued at $A700)

The Skills Extension day (6 March)

Cynefin™ in Action – How to Boost Innovation and Collaboration

Extension (1 day) — Register Now

+ We need innovation
+ It must be evidence based
+ There are limited resources and a need for guaranteed results

Mutually exclusive notions? Not necessarily…

What if… the evidence based innovation was created – in your own context, using the principles of complexity science, not traditional project management?
What if… what was learnt from others were principles, heuristics, boundaries, the questions to ask rather than copying exactly what to do and how to do it?
What if… there were processes for small ‘safe to fail’ probes and experiments, testing out the results and research from others and adapting them to the specific context of your workplace before full implementation?
What if… what has been done by others was seen through the cultural filters, of our country, our organisation, our workplace?
What if… the team involved in creating the ‘evidence’ in the local context sought diversity, including customers and experts as mentors?
What if… the feedback and monitoring mechanisms included outputs, outcomes AND impact of the project and the process, and enabled ongoing responsiveness and adaptation?

This one day workshop is for those with a working knowledge of the framework. It is designed to extend
skills and capabilities in applying the CynefinTM complexity framework and associated methods in areas such as:

  • Partnering and collaboration – across silos, within and between organisations, with communities and multiple stakeholders
  • Maximising engagement and maintaining momentum
  • Embracing and leveraging diverse perspectives
  • Undertaking innovation in context
  • Designing, monitoring and measuring the impact of change strategies

The workshop process:

  • Uses complex facilitation principles and processes
  • The agenda is developed from the interests and priorities of the
  • It is highly experiential, with participants practising the facilitation of the selected methods.
  • Explores the difference between traditional and complex methods.
  • Integrates complex methods and facilitation processes into existing practice and support appropriate application.
  • Provides practice in design and facilitation of complex methods and processes appropriate to context.

The workshop assumes working knowledge of the Cynefin® framework. If you are new to the domain of complexity, we recommend starting with the Cynefin® Practitioner Foundations on March 4-5. If you want to discuss your current knowledge and understanding of the framework, please email the facilitators and one of us will contact you — info@complexability.com.au.

The course fee covers…

  • Morning and afternoon tea and light lunch
  • Notebook and copy of course materials (PDF post program)
  • Access to a range of Cognitive Edge techniques and templates

Please note: Registering only for the one-day workshop does not give you access to the online Cynefin course nor Cynefin network membership.

The Complexability team

Your courses will be delivered by a combination of some or all of the following, led by;

Viv Read, Senior Complexability Consultant and Authorised Cynefin™ Trainer, has over 40 years experience in organisational development, workplace change and social research; and has been involved in some of Australia’s most innovative workplace and culture change initiatives. She integrated the Cynefin™ framework and associated methods into her consulting practice following her training in 2000. She has been involved in over 25 narrative (SenseMaker®) projects and has applied the methods in the design and sensemaking processes for these projects.

​Viv has extensively used the complex facilitation principles and methods in areas of workplace and culture change, staff, stakeholder and consumer engagement, capacity building for partnering and community development, strategic planning, leadership development, and monitoring and evaluation. She is highly skilled in the design and facilitation of engagement and sensemaking processes and has co facilitated over 40 Cognitive Edge training and capacity building courses in Australia, NZ and SE Asia.

Laurel Sutton is an independent consultant and senior member of the Complexability network who takes a people focused approach to working with organisations. She believes that the people in the system are in the best place to understand and develop solutions to complex problems. Laurel has had considerable experience in working with Cognitive Edge methodology over the last ten years. She has employed the methods in working with communities to identify and understand their issues, collaboration and innovation in government, and evaluation of international programs.

Julie Cunningham. With a natural curiosity, Julie uses ‘new sciences’ research and thinking with leaders, executives and managers. She has a strong background in learning and organisational development and is an experienced mentor, coach and facilitator. She has developed and delivered a large range of individual and group coaching, mentoring and training interventions to build skill, knowledge and team partnering for executive, administrative and professional groups (of up to 400 people), as well as facilitating planning and problem solving forums and workshops. Her ability to quickly comprehend and analyse a wide variety of new information has enabled her to become a broker of knowledge, information and practical solutions.


Both Courses (3 days) — Register Now


March 4 – March 6


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


From: AUD 2200