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Cynefin® Practitioner Foundations: Brussels, Belgium

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Discover new ways to make sense of an uncertain world

Learn how to apply complexity thinking and the Cynefin™ framework to real business issues in this two-day course, and get guidance and answers to all your questions from one of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

  • Find out how to use complexity thinking to improve your decision-making
  • Learn how to use the Cynefin™ Framework for innovation, resilience and agility
  • Get hands-on experience with Cognitive Edge methods and learn from fellow students

About the Cynefin® Foundations course

In today’s increasingly volatile and uncertain world, practices and approaches that worked reliably during more stable times are now failing us. We need more effective ways of making sense of situations and managing in new and rapidly shifting contexts, and that is exactly what this course provides.


1. A new perspective

Discover how complexity thinking can increase your situational awareness and provide you with a new perspective that allows you to act more quickly and effectively in complex systems.

2. Make the Cynefin™ framework work for you

During the course, you will find out how to introduce and use the Cynefin™ framework in your own work to tailor your decision-making approach to the nature of the problem and create insights for other stakeholders.

3. Methods and exercises you can apply the next day

Find out how to use Cognitive Edge’s methods and approaches to enhance change programmes, flesh out new ideas and discover new insights. We’ll be learning by doing, with plenty of time afterwards to ask questions.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for anyone dealing with complex issues in dynamic environments. When you feel you need a different approach, or have heard about the Cynefin framework but don’t know where to start, this is the course for you. We have welcomed attendees from government, non-profit organisations, education, healthcare and the private sector. You don’t have to be a manager or consultant; everyone benefits from getting a different perspective!

What is included in the course?

The course consists of two interactive days with an experienced instructor authorised by Cognitive Edge, access to the Cynefin™ Foundations Online course, course materials in PDF-format and an optional follow-up session with the instructor. Each day runs from 09:00 to 17:00 and a catered lunch plus free coffee, tea and water is included.


Friso Gosliga01_2Friso Gosliga is an organisational psychologist by training, specialising in the use of narrative for mapping complex systems, using the Cynefin® framework and SenseMaker® for designing interventions, visualising change and monitoring and evaluation.

Complexity and narrative have defined his working life for almost 20 years now. In the year 2000, he met professor Dave Snowden as a colleague at IBM. He has been working with him and his team at Cognitive Edge ever since, on organic knowledge management, complexity thinking (using the Cynefin framework) and the use of narrative in organisations.

When not working, he likes reading and writing screenplays for film and television, playing with cameras and getting on stage to do improvisation theatre. Wherever he is in the world, he loves to try local food and drinks – sometimes with hilarious results.”


March 26 – March 27


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


From: EUR 1150


To be communicated 4 weeks before course date