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Cognitive Edge Premium Webinar: Weaving employee wellbeing into the fabric of our organisations to build resilience

Stress is a term much spoken about this past few years, with many interventions, programmes and audits focused on managing and preventing stress-related absenteeism and ill-health.

Cognitive Edge took a close look at this space this past year and based on the research we undertook and feedback from various stakeholders, decided to collaborate with one of our network members knowledgeable in this area to design a Wellbeing Pulse (as opposed to a ‘Stress Audit’). Our choice of language here is deliberate, we are choosing to focus on the doughnut so to speak, not just the hole…

“We pose this metaphorical question relating to employee wellbeing to those working in leadership roles in organisations: are you interested in putting plasters on cuts; or in preventing the cuts from occurring in the first place.”- Marion Kiely

Join Zhen Goh, Ellie Snowden and Marion Kiely for a webinar where they will share more about the Wellbeing Pulse and the journey to develop such a Pulse. They will show how collecting short stories (micro-narratives) from employees via SenseMaker® differs when compared to traditional collection methods, and why this method may appeal to some employers who up until now may have shied away from issuing ‘stress surveys’ due to their unease with leading questions.


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Marion Kiely founded Upstream a couple of months after attending a Cynefin and Sense-making masterclass in London back in 2015, and has incorporated complexity theory and the Cynefin Framework into projects for clients since. She is an advocate of the adaptive safety approach which at its core recognises the fundamental concept that our organisations are complex adaptive systems. She has a particular interest in the people in the system and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of psychosocial aspects of work.  She has an aversion towards safety approaches which focus on ‘fixing the employee’, and is much more interested in looking at what elements of the system are setting employees up for failure. She works with organisations to explore their organisational ecosystem, make sense of it, and take action based on the discovery & sense-making activities undertaken, and in turn help employees, organisations and societies become more resilient. Her MSc in Occupational Health research was focused on mindfulness-based interventions. She lectures at University College Cork on risk management (incorporating the adaptive safety approach), and recently became a strategic partner with Paradigm Human Performance where she is currently working on projects in Europe and the USA.

Ellie Snowden is a SenseMaker® practitioner and bodyworker therapist with a background in medical /social anthropology, development and social transformation. The topics she has worked on with the SenseMaker® approach include influencing sustainable behaviours at UK music festivals, citizen engagement, sexual discrimination in the workplace and women’s health issues, as well as work with the NHS on reducing errors in surgery. Prior to this, she worked in public policy and HR research at the Institute of Employment Studies in Brighton, Sussex.

Moderated by Zhen Goh. Zhen makes up part of the consulting team at Cognitive Edge. She is responsible for engaging clients – from project inception, through the processes of conceptualization and execution, to the final analysis – and assisting them in maximizing Cognitive Edge’s unique sense-making approaches. She also contributes to the further development of the SenseMaker® software. She is attracted to narrative, and finds within worlds of possibilities.


April 30


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm



Zoom Webinar