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2nd Annual Test Leadership Congress: Opening Keynote and Masterclass with Dave Snowden

Test Leadership Congress is an international conference featuring experience and practical advise on emerging trends and latest developments in leading software quality. Our presenters are scientists, executives and senior specialists overseeing software testing and quality engineering strategies. It takes place on May 1-3rd, NYC. Early Bird is running until March 26th.

To register and purchase tickets, please visit the Test Leadership website: http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/index.html

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue …

Opening keynote at Test Leadership Congress by Dave Snowden

The old wedding rhyme provides a basic structure to look how we make decisions under conditions of uncertainty; from strategic direction to operational decisions relating to software testing.  The presentation will combine insights from the natural sciences to provide a mixture of theory and practice that will challenge conventional thinking.  Complexity science deals with systems with inherent uncertainty, where specific outcomes cannot be forecast and risk needs to be managed in different ways.  Measuring attitudes to quality is more effective than compliance measure, the former being a lead indicator, the latter a retrospective measure.  For human society experience, heuristics and abductive thinking all arise from apprentice models of learning; practices are context specific not context free and do not respond well to the type of engineering approaches associated with systems thinking which has dominated the last few decades.

A leader’s framework for decision making: managing complex projects using Cynefin

Full day Masterclass on May 2nd, facilitated by Dave Snowden.


While IT practitioners value simplicity, most of their organizations struggle to maximize the amount of work not done as business environments and product ecosystems become increasingly complex and unpredictable. Many organizations have decided to adopt Agile to become more responsive to changing and uncertain conditions. However, these organizations need more than a set of recipes or ‘best practices’ to fundamentally transform their culture.

In this masterclass, explore novel methods and tools applying principles of complexity and sense-making to radically increase diversity of perspective in project planning to reduce risks. The Cynefin framework will be introduced along with the series of techniques that focus on lessons learning rather than lessons learnt.

The Cynefin framework has now been used around the world in contexts as diverse as the boardrooms of international fashion houses, software development teams and SWAT teams on the city streets. Decision-makers have applied it across all levels of organization and in almost every industry. The Cynefin Framework helps practitioners to effectively select, adapt, and deploy methods and practices across different environments with various degrees of uncertainty.


  • An introduction to Complexity Thinking – and its implications for leadership & management
  • Cynefin – emerging, contextualizing and applying Cynefin
  • Designing Safe-to-Fail experiments
  • Stimulate beneficial self-organization within managed constraints
  • Explore methods of storing and sharing knowledge on distributed basis, peer to peer

Finally, a new collaborative project on software testing will be introduced to delegates. 


May 2, 2017


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


From: USD 700


AMA Conference Center
New York City
United States