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Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer : Tasmania, Australia | August 8-10, 2018

We will be hosting a second Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer course in Tasmania, Australia. The Train-the-Trainer sessions will run immediately following the Cynefin™ Retreat.

This course is for anyone with prior Cognitive Edge training and/or project experience who would like to take the next step to deepen their learning and practice in Cynefin™, its methods and complexity. Deeper understanding and mastery is linked to the ability to teach others.

The Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer is a requirement for becoming an authorized Cynefin™ trainer – be it for in-house training in your organisation or if you are interested to join as a faculty member and partner in delivering commercial in-person Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations courses. It is also part of the Cynefin™ Practitioner Certification Program.


About this course

  • How can the application of Cynefin™ be effectively taught to individuals and teams?
  • How can Cynefin™ practitioners build capacity in teams more quickly?
  • How can companies and consultants improve their work on complex challenges by making Cynefin™ training a core part of their initiatives?

This in-person training course will help you answer these questions and develop your Cynefin™ training capabilities. The Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer course is a residential offer which includes two (2) nights accommodation and meals for onsite meeting days.

What this course covers

The Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer course is divided into three core components delivered over 2-days:

(1) An immersion into the current thinking on theory, methods, and practice with Dave Snowden. Dave will lead this session with a focus on:

  • Summary of key teaching principles when introducing Cynefin™ at different levels of an organisation
  • Liminal Cynefin™ and dynamics
  • Constraint mapping & typology
  • Apex Predator Theory in strategy
  • The context and need for abductive research and decision making
  • Narrative – the bigger picture

(2) Instruction on Cynefin™ teaching aids and materials

  • Review of newCynefin™ Foundations Online course and video resources
  • Exercises and how to run them
  • Opportunity to design a Cynefin™ training session and integrate available training resources and exercises with feedback and input from other course participants.

(3) Cynefin™ Practitioner Certification

  • A detailed look at new Cynefin™ Practitioner certification process
  • Domain specialization and opportunities to teach Cynefin™Practitioner courses as certified practitioners
  • Continuous learning as a member of the Cognitive Edge Practitioner’s Network

Who should attend?

This edition of the Cynefin™Train-the-Trainer course is for anyone with prior Cognitive Edge training and/or project experience who would like to be part of the first cohorts of Authorized Cynefin™ trainers and certified Cynefin™ practitioners.

This course is a requirement for any individual interested in being an Authorized Cynefin™ Trainer and amongst the first Certified Cynefin™Practitioners. Cynefin™ practitioners who attend a Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer course will have the option of taking an initial certification step and becoming authorized to deliver commercial in-person Cynefin™ Foundations training. The authorization process will include recorded instruction / facilitation assessments, SenseMaker® narrative feedback, online testing, and attendance to supplementary training as required. Authorized trainers will be able to exclusively offer local Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations training in-house or as part of a soon to be announced global Cognitive Consulting Group. Contact us if you want to know if you qualify at members@cognitive-edge.com.

Click here to read more about the Cynefin™ Practitioner Certification Program.

Cognitive Edge is working on expanding its training program globally and will draw from certified practitioners for its faculty delivering in-person Cynefin™ Practioner Foundations courses, as well as application-specific practitioner courses.

Is prior Cognitive Edge training required?

Although prior training is recommended individuals who are deeply read in Cynefin™ and Cognitive Edge methods or with relevant project experience can apply to attend. Please contactus to discuss if you qualify.

** BONUS ** – Attend the CynefinTM Retreat as well!

This course will be integrated with the Cynefin Retreat to allow for Cynefin™ practitioners to attend all of the Tasmania retreat sessions. The Train-the-Trainer sessions will run immediately following the Cynefin™ Retreat from August 5-9. If you are interested to attend both sessions, have a look at the special bundle tickets available below.


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

  • Arrival at 4:00 pm
  • Introduction to the program, discussion with thought leaders and group dinner 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Thursday, 9 August 2018

  • Train-the-Trainer 9 am – 6 pm

Friday, 10 August 2018

  • Train-the-Trainer continue & participant presentations 08:30 am – 3 pm
  • Departure from 3 pm

There will be group dinners on Wednesday and Thursday evening.


Cognitive Edge reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule the offered session. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, a full refund of course fees will be processed within 10 business days of cancellation or rescheduling notice. Cancellations by registrants are only permitted with a minimum of 3 weeks notice ahead of course delivery date with refunds provided less a 10% processing fee. Substitutions are permitted at any time as well as rescheduling attendance to an alternate session within a 12 month period.

Explanation of additional ticket choices:

  1. If you are part of a group of FOUR (4) or more people, then please email training@cognitive-edge.com for a group discount.
  2. Premium Members get 15% discount on all training. Sign up for the Network here: Cognitive Edge network registrationfor a basic membership. When you’ve done that you’ll be directed to the Network Dashboard page, click on the upgrade option to pay to become a Premium member and use the 15% discount code.

Group discounts cannot be used cumulatively with Network Membership discounts. If you have further questions, please contact training@cognitive-edge.com.


August 8 – August 10


4:00 pm – 3:00 pm



6955 Arthur Highway
Port Arthur