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Description: A self-paced introduction to SenseMaker® and how Cognitive Edge approaches narrative as applied to team, organizational, marketplace or environment issues and opportunities. While it is not facilitator-led, you can also learn from and collaborate online with other participants. The course materials go through the process of working with SenseMaker®, introduces the important terms and key concepts, and illustrates typical results.

You have access for 3 months to complete your review. It consists of a series of specially made videos, podcasts and documents which includes an overall environment and approached to using SenseMaker®.

Overview: At the conclusion of this self-paced online class, you will have covered:

  • A review of Cognitive Edge basics and Cynefin
  • An introduction to who uses SenseMaker®
  • What is a Signification framework and its related terms: story prompt, triad, dyad, signifier
  • How to collect narrative or story fragments
  • An overview of sense-making methods and the software
  • What are safe-to-fail probes and other action steps

Effort: No weekly commitment, approximately 12-20 hours to view/read/watch/review all the content available.

Pre-requisites & Requirements:

  1. There are no formal pre-requisites for this course, although it is generally aimed at someone who understands the basics of Cynefin.
  2. You will benefit from a broadband or DSL Internet connection although it's not mandatory.
  3. You need one of the following browsers. Please note the Browser Version! Internet Explorer 9 or higher OR any version of Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.


Anyone who wants/needs to learn the basics of SenseMaker® and Cognitive Edge’s approach.
Wants to complete a pre-requisite prior to attending one of the other SenseMaker® online courses.

Someone who has completed this course would be well-prepared for the two-day, instructor-led SenseMaker® workshop, but would not (yet) be able to run a SenseMaker® project unassisted.

Course starts:
As soon as you sign-up, you will receive log-in details.

Max Class Size: Unlimited

Just finished the online course, and am very happy with it. It is logical, each chapter builds nicely on the next, there are practical method and process tips, and the input from Dave is useful.
Tom Klein

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