Reports from Training-land: September

It is back-to-school season and we are excited to start filling your time until Christmas with a combination of the new and the tried-and-true.

As our Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations pick up speed around the world, we and our training partners bring unique elements in each occasion. In addition to upcoming courses by our partners in Rio, our course in Cincinnati is going to incorporate connections to project management and increased embodied awareness. You also have November to look forward to with Foundations courses in London, Oslo, San Francisco and Melbourne (which also offers a 2+1 option!).

Cynefin:TOC ChicagoCynefin™ Foundations Plus is something new, and an outgrowth of our Masterclass Explorations. These explorations are a way for us to look into the synergies of  the Cynefin™ Framework and other approaches, showing and discovering ways that these can be applied in a coherent way, supporting and amplifying one another. If a masterclass has been successful in doing that, we like bringing some of the content to a larger audience as soon as possible so that more people can benefit from it. This is exactly what happened this summer in Chicago. We are bringing Steve Holt, Dave Snowden’s sparring partner in that event, back to action to combine Cynefin Foundations with elements of Theory of Constraints in an offering that we believe will appeal to practitioners from diverse backgrounds (including TOC, Agile, and Lean) who are always looking to deepen their practice.


Related to that, don’t forget that our last instalment in the Masterclass Explorations series of this year, Cynefin™ and the OODA loop, is also coming up. More on that in next month’s update, and in the upcoming Premium Member webinar, which is all about that subject.



Meanwhile, last year’s explorations are also bearing fruit, as the successful Masterclass of Reading 2018 on Cynefin and Wardley Maps with Dave Snowden and Simon Wardley grows into greater maturity in its next iteration, brought to life by agile42 in Sweden. The recordings from the 2018 Masterclass are also available in our store.




The response to the 3-day Advanced Cynefin Courses with Dave Snowden has been overwhelming and it shows us that we are answering your needs.
In fact, the courses in
Reading have sold out, and we have had to open up a few additional places, only available until the end of the month. Let’s see who snaps those up!




Experimentation with more advanced formats also continues, so we have partnered up with Toyota Connected Agile Academy, who will bring you more Advanced Cynefin, plus Liminality and Sense-Making in Complexity, with Dave Snowden dropping in to teach the more advanced sessions.



This brings us to the end of this month’s update and we will be back next month with more November action, Cynefin™ Retreat news and more!