What happened in Berlin and why we are excited


20 February 2019

It’s been more or less three weeks since our first strategic planning meeting for the new Cognitive Edge in Berlin. We met for three days in agile42’s Event Space, where several robust conversations and hundreds of post-it notes later, we converged on an emergent and coherent strategy that we are all pretty excited about. We used some of our own emergent thinking, piloting Dave and Andrea’s new approach to strategy on ourselves. As part of the process, we reflected on past successes as well as future potential.  We came to realise once again that over the last few decades, we have managed to catalyse a movement: reshaping the world we live and work in through complex approaches; we created a brand new market and built a loyal and thriving community.

Our vision for this year (and beyond) is to leverage our past successes and create a sustainable business that will provide opportunities for everyone who has made this journey possible. It is really good to be an organisation with significantly more staff and resources – so time to move forward!

We now have renewed focus with people taking specific responsibility for:

  • Training and an emphasis on scaling and creating well-articulated
    accreditation journeys (but still no certificates). This is headed by Martin and Michael
  • Network and partner enablement with Sonja coming on board to manage this together with Elmi
  • Consultancy support with Zhen, who will work closely with Sonja on creating a network consulting model
  • The Cynefin Centre, our R&D Hub, is directed by Dave, with Mark handling operations. On the project side, Emma and Ellie are joined by Bethan
  • Sales with Jules and Marion based in Berlin (which will also be the new HQ ), supported by Anna
  • Software development managed by Andrea, with the support of Peter and Ken (whom we welcome back to Cognitive Edge), along with the Singapore and Berlin team

Even with these different responsibilities, the focus will be on working together closely and exploring and exploiting synergies in order to maximise new and existing opportunities.

The leadership team is made up of Marion, who will be CEO, Andrea, Product Owner, and Dave, who will head up the Cynefin Centre.

When reflecting on our brand, Cognitive Edge, we again realised how privileged we are to have access to a network of thought leaders that essentially makes Cognitive Edge the pioneer in all things Anthro-complexity. It is this network that enabled us to successfully run four Cynefin Retreats in 2018, and we are planning another series of Cynefin Retreats and masterclasses for 2019. The 2018 Retreats produced a range of new methods and tools that we are currently refining for release to the network. In the coming year, you will see a stronger focus on our content and thought-leadership, as well as on evolving our software offerings.

We are happy to answer your questions: Office@cognitive-edge.com