Friday Five – Week 89

Here’s what we’re looking at this week…

Today is the last day of the inaugural Cynefin Train-the-Trainer course in Whistler, Canada. Many participants  attended the Cynefin Retreat as well. The Retreat’s focus  was on creating a complex systems approach to how we handle design and innovation in large organisations, the role of aesthetics and creativity in human systems. Enjoy the moments that participants shared.

At our next Cynefin Retreat in Tasmania from 4-9 August we will focus on Resilience, and the focus in Wales in October will be on Economics & Value. The Cynefin Train-the-Trainer course will also be delivered in Tasmania and Wales, following directly after the Retreat.




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Watch the video below to learn more about the significance of this comment above.

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Culture as reflected in the everyday experiences, motivations, and perspectives of your employees.


How is your culture being reflected in your employees everyday experiences and observations? It’s not only the fragments of conversations your employees are sharing that are critical in making sense of your culture, its the feelings, motivations, and perspectives that are underlying such experiences. The cultureSCAN service is built on a patented form of questioning that allows respondents to add such layers of meaning to their day to day work experiences. These layers of meaning, together with workplace experiences, reveal insights into behavioural patterns and underlying assumptions that reflect an organization’s culture.

Edgar Schein suggests in his highly acclaimed book Organizational Culture and Leadership – “…any group with a stable membership and history of shared learning will have developed some level of culture…”.  It is precisely this shared learning and experiential foundation that Cognitive Edge’s cultureSCAN service has been designed to illuminate.

Take a look at how this demonstration cultureSCAN site empowers employees to make sense of their day to day experiences. As respondents share more and more experiences, patterns reflecting the organization’s culture begin to form.  This report sample gives you a sense of the way patterns start to emerge.



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