Friday Five – Week 87

Here’s what we’re looking at this week…

The Cynefin Centre Retreat on Complexity, Design & Creativity later this month (June 24-27) in Whistler, BC, Canada has a few more shared occupancy spaces left. Be there for the start of a whole new, non-linear approach to design in organisations.  You are invited to join Dave Snowden, Renee Koch, Jesko Von den Steinen and Ann Pendleton-Julian in the exploration of the application of Cynefin and complexity from a perspective of architecture, aesthetics, and the performing arts.

Complexity, design and aesthetics

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Ann Pendleton-Jullian on World Building, Architecture, and Wicked Problems

Catch up with Professor Ann Pendleton-Julian’s most current thinking.  We are excited to have Ann as part of our Cynefin Centre Retreat faculty in Whistler, BC, Canada later this month.

Ann Pendleton-Jullian is an architect by training but increasingly she is being hired as a world-builder, someone who can put into process a collaborative, multidisciplinary mode of thinking which approaches complex problems in a systemic way. In this podcast Henry Jenkins and Ann explores the ways world building has evolved from as a way of developing on-screen fictional worlds to a way of confronting challenging problems in our own world.

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Measuring Complex Domains for the Liberal Arts (Inclusive Pedagogies)

On April 27, Davidson College and Washington & Lee University hosted a LACOL workshop to explore an assessment tool and method called Sensemaker that has the potential to manage and account for the complex domains of learning.  Pursuing a research design as a network of allied liberal arts institutions provides evidence at scale while building capacity for experimentation and innovation at each of our institutions.

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