Friday Five – Week 85

Here’s what we’re looking at this week…

Anglicare Southern Queensland

Listening to Youth Voices - a SenseMaker® project

Youth Voices was designed as a way for young people to influence youth policy, program development and service delivery in government, schools and community organisations — to share their experiences of help and support, and to communicate what they see as a flourishing life and the supports they need to achieve that.

Youth Voices used the software tool, SenseMaker®, to collect data for the project. SenseMaker® was specifically designed to help understand change in complex social policy environments. It is a narrative-based research method that enabled us, firstly, to capture large numbers of stories and secondly, to recognise patterns and trends in the perceptions, behaviours and relationships in those experiences. The SenseMaker® tool puts the participants at the centre of the research. In Youth Voices, it enabled the young people to explore experiences of particular meaning to them, rather than opinions or stories shaped by their expectations of what we wanted to hear.

The prompting question that emerged from the design workshops with young people was: Think of a time when you or a young person you know needed help and/or support. What happened — what experience would you share?


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The workers of the Finnish Red Cross were asked to assess how the organization should change over the next few years. Surprisingly, the key to the solution was not digitality.

Over one million Finns make regular volunteer work. Even though civil society in Finland is quite vivid, many organizations are preparing for a breakthrough. It is rumored that the web revolutionizes volunteering and activism is increasingly moving to social media. Perhaps people do not want to engage in traditional organizations, but to step in from time to time. Perhaps the values ​​are fragmented and volunteers are looking for ways to implement themselves.

Some change is needed, but is the direction one of the above or something else? The Finnish Red Cross set its vision for  the SenseMaker response to the near future:

“We are in 2020. The SPR’s local division / action group has increased significantly. Describe the ways and means by which this has come to pass. “

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The famous children's party story

A Tweet from Dave earlier this week shows that the Children’s Party story is still a favourite.

The Children’s Party Story introduces the nature of systems and complexity through the use of a simple metaphor that resonates widely. One of the key learning stories from Cognitive Edge. Click here to listen to the story as told by Dave.


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The Boisot blog

In 2007 Max Boisot was the guest blogger on the Cognitive Edge web site. His posts were among the most popular in a line of distinguished guests. Many commented that he took to the medium like a duck to water, but this remains the only example of his use of that medium. This compendium of those posts is published by way of tribute on what would have been his 68th birthday if he had not died prematurely and unexpectedly on the 7th September 2011.

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We are looking forward to a Leadership Series event later this year with Simon Wardley: Cynefin™ and Strategy with Wardley Maps

Interested to learn more about Cynefin™ and Strategy with Wardley Maps. Click here to register your interest.

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