Engage, empower, enact: programmes that you can use

22 February 2019

In this series of despatches from the frontlines of Cognitive Edge, we have an opportunity to discuss what excites us and what is coming up in the future. Connecting the capabilities of distributed ethnography and decision support that are built into SenseMaker® and its related methods allow to to make a difference in an increasingly fraught world.  By allowing people agency in their own journeys SenseMaker® can be a powerful force for good.

The first and most advanced of these are our various citizen engagement projects a field we have been working in for a long time. Now, we are building the capabilities to take it further and packaging the offering so it can be picked up and scaled.

Our pioneering Stories from the Valleys project followed work in the Middle East and more recently Colombia and Singapore. This can be sold by network members to their local cities and regions. As we get new members, we will engage with the network to work on this project with its exciting vision for every child from the age of 16 acting as a citizen journalist for their own communities. This way, we can create a human network that can speak truth to power – seeing the present and future through the eyes and ears of young people. What we are doing is creating a movement that will make a difference in people’s day to day lives not some idealist set of statements.  

We are close to adoption in Scandinavia and two US Cities, so watch this space. It’s an idea whose time has come and it exemplifies anthro-complexity, putting humans and humanity back into the system.

Our second programme arises from several years of project experience working on “Journeys back to Health” as well as a broad range of work in mental health, bereavement management and others.  As with Citizen Engagement we are currently packaging this up into a series of programmes that health authorities can join and with which network members can engage,

Thirdly, again based on existing pilot programmes we have “Abuse in the home and society” (only a working title) that deals with domestic abuse, society level tropes are revealed by the me.to movement and bullying.  This is in formation at the moment with some public good open uses of SenseMaker®

Two more are at an earlier stage: new economic forms (in particular co-operatives) and the environment (this may overlap with Citizen Journalism).

We will be creating communities of practice around each of these.

We are happy to answer your questions: office@cognitive-edge.com