Where did all this start?

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Hi Everyone
I’m having a little bit of Deja Vu, albiet I’m a little older now… I’ve just joined CE, after 5 years with Microsoft, a big change… I’m going to take the luxury over the next few blogs of tracing the origins of how I first got into this work just on a decade ago. While doing this I’ll relate how the concepts developed as we worked across clients in Asia…

I first met Dave Snowden in 2001, when I travelled to Hong Kong after swapping a few emails. It was all about Knowledge Management and one of my colleagues reckoned Dave was a bit of an expert grin
It was an interesting meeting and I don’t know if you have ever just intuitively heard or seen something that simply resonates? What Dave had to say in that class just made sense to me. I was leading the KM – Document Management business for Lotus across the region at the time, so this was very helpful to balance the Technology aspect, which tended to unfortunately dominate. I ended up drawing from my own experiences as I later shared these principles in several speaking engagements around the region all very well received. About a year and a few projects later, for various reasons I was asked to move to Sydney, and this after only being in Singapore 18 months and after only moving from Perth to Melbourne, Australia, 18 months before this (when I joined IBM), so 3 moves in 3 years didn’t sit well with me. I decided to make the brave decision to resign from IBM Australia and join IBM Singapore. My good friend and colleague, Jimmy Kwang, had arranged for Dave to meet with Janet, who was the GM of IBM Singapore and with his suggestion and Janet’s support and sponsorship, I joined the IBM Business Consulting Services team and specifically the Strategy Consulting team (it seemed the best place for a KM consultant) and started selling and delivering KM projects across South East Asia. This team was led by Allan Jacobs. With Dave’s support and assistance, whenever he could get to Singapore we did projects in Malaysia, Thailand and of course Singapore. Two great projects were in Thailand where I was assisted by Chutatip Tanskul, who intuitively picked up this work. We ended up pushing the boundaries and at one point collected 1500 Knowledge Objects and we needed to resort to good old analytical techniques to parse them down into a manageable quantity. Next blog I’ll continue the story…