Dave Snowden

Sunrise landing in Singapore

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I landed in Singapore this morning a couple of weeks after I left it.  Sunrise over the wing was spectacular and I broke the rules by using the iPhone to capture it – in my defence it was in airplane mode.  I went from a sodden, flooded and cold Britain to the monsoon season with torrential rain and humidity.   I've done a few of these trips over the years.  Angelina, Zhen, Jules & Laurie had worked over Sunday to analysis a whole batch of stories that have been gathered and scrubbed over the previous two weeks.   I had to run a workshop then get ready to present the results to a senior government official tomorrow.

I remember in IBM days, picking up material processed by Sharon in San Francisco, then working through it on the flight to Amsterdam before moving directly into a keynote for Unilever within hours of landing.  There is something about the adrenaline surge that makes for novelty and discovery.  But it also leads to exhaustion, so that's it for today.