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See you in Boston?

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I sorted out a whole bunch of flights this week including a return to Boston for the next North American accreditation programme. I have been too long away from the MIT Bookshop so this visit will be expensive! I’m especially looking forward to the ourse as Mary Boone (my co-author on the HBR article) will join Michael and myself on the teaching team. One of the great promises of complexity theory is that it offers a way to do more with less, a key skill in the current climate. The accreditation programme gives people the methods to do this, and for those who attend on day three the tools in SenseMaker™. As I said the other day a recession provides a trigger to open people up to new ways of thinking and acting, as the old comfortable ways of thinking are no longer sustainable. So if you are working for an organisation that needs to do more with less, or if you consultant (or anticipate that you may be about to become an independent consultant) the accreditation programme should help. I hope to see you there.