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One of the advantages of having your office in the heart of Amsterdam, is being close to one of the best orchestra’s of the world: the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. It is 140 ago that this orchestra gave its first concert. Now it is rated as top 3 in the world, but my personal opinion is that it should be #1. This opinion is based on the fact that this orchestra has since its origin in 1888 been promoting contemporary music. Mahler loved the orchestra and directed his music in Amsterdam.
For those who love musical experiments like me: check the orchestra on For those who don’t: you needn’t be affraid. The orchestra covers all of the symphonic tradition and provides video and audio that should be able to satisfy everyone with a love for classical music.

Early this year I had the opportunity to do a narrative project for the orchestra. As it appeared, the orchestra is part of an extremely strong narrative. It is deeply rooted in the Amsterdam collective consciousness. This is a story of succes through constant innovation. The project lead to interesting insights for the management, and contributed to the thinking that underlies the new website. Of course it did so only partly. David Bazen as the ‘manager of all business affairs’ strongly advocates new media as a tool for innovation. I guess the new website certainly reflects this, it is worth looking at:

Check out the the new possibility of downloading complete symphonies as a gift of the 120 year young orchestra. Because of the coöperation with the dutch radio site the interface is partly in Dutch, but it should be possible to fill in even if you don’t understand the language.