I hate being ill

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I hate to be ill. I have that condition every now and then (too often). It usually takes me a bit more than a week. I have it right now. What I hate most is the fact that you have to admit that you are not in power. Your body takes over. The funny thing about it, which reflects almost a truïsm, is that you notice that reality functions quite well without you. You always have this feeling that it couldn’t. New technology enables you to work a bit on line. Colleges take over your tasks (God bless them).

If I would be ill for a longer time (which I won’t, but for the sake of argument), slowly my working existance would fade away. I have seen researchers immigrate that I thought of as indispensible. And yet my company still flourishes. From a different situation new solutions spontaneously emerge. It is the same mechanism that makes innovation so hard to predict by marketing research. The consumer thinks of the world as it is as the way it will always be. Real new products are not concievable and cannot be judged from the old world that consumers live in. We need different thinking for innovation.

Like I said, a truism. Sorry. Not capable now of anything more.