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Confluence and integrity

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For those who haven't seen it Cynthia Kurtz has posted a fascinating and substantive piece on her involvement in the creation of the Cynefin Framework. I have some minor quibbles: the main creative contrast was between her background in biology and mine in physics, more than philosophy to take one example. I also have some reflections which I will post at some stage in the next week or so, but I wanted to make people aware of it now.   

Cynthia's integrity is evidenced in her post, in strong contrast with others. She is rightly confident in her own material and ideas and doesn't need to piggyback on someone else's material. Her original contribution to Cynefin, in particular the tetrahedrons (her seeing eyes) and the butterfly stamping exercise were substantial; her desire to further develop those ideas and create new models will advance the field and I look forward to seeing, and learning from what she does.