Concerted marketing efforts

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the film “Julie and Julia”, which is based on two true stories chronicling a period of the lives of two women – Julia Child, who made French cooking accessible to many American households, and Julie Powell, an aspiring writer who decides to tackle the challenge of finishing Julia’s cookbook (“Mastering The Art of French Cooking”) within a year. The summary of the movie can be found here.

We were suitably impressed by the film to attempt two tasks: (i) buying Julia’s Cookbook and (ii) buying the official soundtrack.

These were two seemingly simple tasks, which however assumed the quality of a Quest. The two largest bookstores in Singapore, Kinokuniya and Borders, had no cookbook in stock. Three CD shops had no soundtracks in stock. The former explained that the books would arrive possibly in “two to three weeks and to please check again”. For the latter, it was simply, “we don’t know if we’ll be bringing in any stock”.

I am not surprised if I wasn’t the only person to be left rather disappointed by the poor marketing and distribution efforts across the bookstores, movie theatres and CD shops.

Why don’t marketers think of having a temporary booth at the theatre, where both CDs and cookbooks are available for purchase? Everyone benefits.