2016 Cognitive Edge trainings announced - Cynefin, SenseMaker and online courses available
Tony Quinlan

Changes in the CSM curriculum and teaching

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A few people have asked why the next four major Cynefin and Sense-Making (CSM) courses are being billed as the “last chance to see Dave” teaching all four days (three in New York). There are a handful of factors involved – so I thought I’d explain what it does and doesn’t mean.

As the intellectual underpinnings and consequences of Dave’s work continue to evolve, he’s more in demand than ever – and scheduling four consecutive days in a single city is difficult.  So we’ve made the decision that from July onwards, Dave will teach only a single day of each four and Michael or I will then teach the remaining three days.  It’ll mean we will be reshaping content so that the single day will feature the latest, most advanced thinking on which the best presenter is undoubtedly Dave.

So the overall content of the courses will remain more or less the same, but we’ll be focussing Dave’s limited time where it gives greatest value to the participants.

In parallel, the birth of the Centre for Applied Complexity (CfAC) in Bangor has opened up a great new opportunity for a theory-focussed, leading-edge course. One of the CfAC’s strands of work will be to run a five-day course made up the world-leading academics and thinkers on complexity and other subjects related to Cognitive Edge and the CfAC’s work.  When that will be and who will be teaching isn’t clear yet – but it’s unlikely to be before September 2016.

So, in summary, Dave will still be teaching on the CSM courses later in the year – planned for London and Asia – but only for a single day.  The currently advertised courses – New York, Yukon, Sydney and Amsterdam – will be the time to see him teaching throughout the course.