Dave Snowden

Midnight, boarding a plane again

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So yesterday I landed in Singapore and I'm now in the lounge ready to fly back to the UK and a frantic drive down the M4 to Cardiff for a WAO event.  The day went well, a good presentation, commitment to moving forwards and an outstanding lunch followed by an evening meal with those members of the team who had not beat a hasty retreat to their beds to catch up on the sleep deprivation of the weekend.  The project is the biggest in our history as a company and this first stage was important to say the least so I'm pleased to say we pulled it off.

On the more trivial side, Singapore is awash with Christmas kitsch, including the airport.  I had just checked in and was walking the passport control when I came across an Angry Bird disguised as a space shuttle complete with steam effects and hydraulics.  Personally I think there is a case for banning Christmas decorations and the like to the immediate holiday season.  I'm also really not sure that Christmas Carols about sleigh bells work in a tropical country!