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I recently had the opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain and as a consequence passed through the Barajas Airport, and, with a few minutes to spare (as you do in airports), took the opportunity to take a look at the architecture / design of the airport. Over the years I’ve had opportunities to visit many airports, some more interesting than others, but all with some aspects of uniqueness. The photo (embedded) is of the design in the ceiling of this airport. When I looked at this for awhile, it started to cause me to think of organic patterns, the curves in nature, sea shells and other things…

This led me to think about how design, or in this case architecture is our attempt (man’s attempt) to bridge or connect art and science, or in this case nature and engineering. Some of the architecture I find most interesting is where, in a beautiful way, the architect has designed in such a way as to hint at patterns in nature, but also be sensitive to form and function. As humans we are to some extent in this middle ground, both subject to immutable laws of nature and yet driven to workaround these through technological advances. As a race we’ve made what could be argued some tremendous advances, but at the same time perhaps left many things behind? What I find refreshing in the Cognitive Edge concepts and approaches is that they remind and emphasise the humanistic side of life as way of finding balance with the technological advances. At Cognitive Edge we place a lot of store in context as an important vehicle to deliver meaning and perspective, architecture does this in a very visual way, narrative does in a very rich audible way.