Vinodhini Anand

Systems Engineer/Developer

Vinodhini was born in Tamil Nadu, India. She graduated from Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai with her Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology degree in 2007. Post undergrad, she worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions as Program Analyst from June 2007 to April 2010, mainly on Mainframe Technologies. In 2010, she located to Singapore and joined Cognitive Edge as a Systems Engineer. Vinodhini’s technical skills are core Java and object oriented programming as well as mainframe technologies. Her interests lie in building interesting software using cutting edge technologies.

At Cognitive Edge, vinodhini has worked primarily on the Goliath framework and the Cymhleth application. She explored possibility of using Smartpen based applications for feedback collection and built the first proof-of-concept. She also worked on the Email framework, building a POP3 and SMTP server implementation in java. Another interesting project, she worked on, was the dynamic UI generation framework from Goliath Server pages, which also provides the ability to save any canvas layout to disk and reopen it later. Recently, she has been completely driving the Cymhleth website and the Cymhleth report generation effort, producing individual and aggregated reports for Organizational reviews, using LaTex and Java.