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Why InnovSCAN?

Innovation readiness as explored through the daily experiences, motivations, and perspectives of your network.

How well does your organisation recognise and exploit new opportunities or respond to emerging threats?  Are you confident that you can have one eye on ‘the business of tomorrow’ without losing sight of ‘the business of today’?  Or is the weak link in your innovation value chain limiting your ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world?

Exploring the day-to-day narratives flowing through your organisation will map your current capability to innovate; highlighting hidden bottlenecks and providing evidence to accelerate improvements.  The InnovSCAN, powered by SenseMaker® is a reliable guide and effective support for understanding and exploiting your organisation’s innovation potential.

The InnovSCAN builds on the following, highly-respected work in the field of innovation:

  1. ‘The Innovation Value Chain’ by Hansen & Birkinshaw.  A classic model highlighting how an organisation’s ability to innovate is only as strong as the weakest link in its value chain.  Is your organisation idea ‘creation’, ‘conversion’ or ‘diffusion’ rich or poor?
  2. ‘Exaptive Innovation’ by Dave Snowden.  A major insight into how three necessary, but insufficient, conditions are required for genuine innovation to occur: i) Pressure – that challenges the status quo, ii) Starvation of familiar resources – that facilitates adoption of novelty, and iii) Perspective shifts – that open systems to new configurations.

InnovSCAN helps leaders identify unmet needs, uncover under-utilised capabilities and make the radically new connections needed to accelerate innovation capacity.  Try it now (InnovSCAN demo site) to understand and start exploiting your organisation’s innovation potential to build the organisation of tomorrow, today.


InnovSCAN Service Options

We prepare and host your SCAN while you provide respondents to share their experiences and observations.  Data and summary reports are provided according to your needs and scheduled with a SCAN support person at launch.  Pricing options are as follows:

Quick SCAN (950 USD)

•One (1) month of collection. Includes an overview pattern insight report.

Continuous SCAN (2700 USD)

•Three (3) months of collection and includes an overview pattern insight report at the end of collection.

Quarterly SCAN (3600 USD)

•One (1) month of collection every quarter and includes an overview pattern insight report at the end of each quarter.

Additional SCAN time can be procured for 950 USD per month.  Additional reports or deeper analysis support can be provided on a request basis.

Email our InnovSCAN partner to discuss your SCAN requirements.