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Significant Education Price Reductions and In-House Opportunities…

July 3, 2012

We've decided to offer two specific benefits to members of the Cognitive Edge Network. Starting with the release of the next series of scheduled classes and seminars, we'd invite you to concurrently utilise the Early Bird prices and your Network Membership discount. We'd encourage you to take advantage of this as you consider registering for a class/seminar, AND, we'd appreciate you passing this on to friends and colleagues. If you take advantage of this double discount the price of registration actually drops from current prices, but please be mindful of the expiry date of the Early Bird seats for each class (these will vary based on the length of time until the class starts).

Basic Membership in the Network is free and comes with a 5% training discount, while Premium Network Membership attracts a 15% training discount. Premium Membership has been available for US$149 per year as an introductory offer – it reverted to full price on July 1st to the full price of US$249 per year. Thus, if you register and pay during the Early Bird period AND have already joined the Network and paid for Premium Membership, the total discount is very significant. As mentioned these changes will be effective with the next set of classes advertised. To take advantage of this with any of the classes listed below, register as a Basic Network Member at the link below, then when you are directed to your Dashboard, click on the upgrade link:



In-House Opportunities

We'd also like to announce the opportunity to have any of our classes or seminars provided "In-House", that is provided solely to your own staff. The benefits in doing this are as follows:

  • Allows us to discuss/consult with you earlier and target the training facilitation more towards your organisation's needs
  • With a full class we can make this more affordable
  • You save on travel costs
  • You can schedule to meet your own needs at the best time for your organisation
  • We can also offer a hybrid/custom class if it's required (this may have an additional cost for some development time)

Please contact Warwick Holder, our VP of Education and Network Development (warwick.holder@cognitive-edge.com), directly to enquire further about an in-house class.


New Schedule over next few months...

We'd also like to announce the following public classes, all available for registration here:

Advanced Practitioner: Melbourne - Aug. 23rd-24th

Practitioner Foundations: Auckland - Aug. 27th-28th

Advanced Practitioner: Auckland - Aug. 29th-30th

Practitioner Foundations: Seattle - Sept. 11th-12th

Practitioner Foundations: Calgary - Sept. 25th-26th

Advanced Practitioner: Calgary - Sept. 27th-28th

Practitioner Foundations: Sydney - Oct. 2nd-3rd

Practitioner Foundations: Toronto - Oct. 18th-19th

Practitioner Foundations: Belfast, Ireland Oct 22nd-24th

Practitioner Foundations: London - Nov. 20th-21st

Advanced Practitioner: London - Nov. 22nd-23rd


Any other education enquiries can also be directed to Warwick Holder (warwick.holder@cognitive-edge.com)