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Education discount code now available for all Network Members

March 8, 2012

Hi Everyone

We now offer a discount code to all Network Members for any course taken with Cognitive Edge. It could be a Seminar with Dave Snowden, our popular Practitioner Foudnations class or one of our online classes. Basic Members (free to sign up) get a 5% discount, Premium Subscribers (this membership is currently price reduced) get a 15% discount. If you're considering attending a training class, join first as a Premium Member and have the cost of your Premium membership discounted off your training fee. Let's do some math...

Let's say you're interested in attending Practitioner Foundations in the Sydney class, which is currently featured on our Banner that brought you here. The regular price for that class is AUD$1,495. A Premium membership subscription currently costs US$149 (let's pretend that's the same as Assie dollars to keep it simple...). Once a Premium member you use your dsicount code when paying for the Sydney class. If you were only getting 10% off from the class fee, you'd already be saving the costs of your premium membership ($149), BUT you're actually getting 15% off, so you're ahead!!

For convenience we've added a tile to your Network Dashboard (once you're logged in) with your discount code on it, so you don't have to worry about losing it. 

Class schedule & registration is here

As an aside we're releasing a significant new Network feature next week as well...


Warwick Holder 

VP Education and Network