MassSense is a near to real-time situational assessment tool that gathers perspectives on various situations, events, and/or decisions. This tool could also be used as a thought experiment where you are able to garner perspectives on hypothetical but plausible scenarios which help inform decision-making and scenario planning.

The tool has the following applications:

•for policy and strategy: it offers a landscape of narratives and identifies emergent and shifting trends

•for informed decision-making: it offers the opportunity to convert the many stories collected into mappable data points for analysis

•for facilitation: it offers the ability to gather rich narrative data and salient discussion points ahead of workshop-based methods

This decision support tool allows you to monitor changes and

shifts in an unbiased way, with near to real-time feedback,

allowing for detection of early signs of opportunities, threats,

potential fault lines, and risks.

With a better grasp of perspectives on the ground, we are able to identify important areas of consensus, contention or conflict, and develop strategic plans to adapt to various situations. For organisations invested in human terrain mapping and sentiment analysis, SenseMaker® retrieves valuable insights from the populace as it draws on human metadata.

By tapping into a ‘live’ human sensor network, we are able to improve decision-making processes in all sorts of fields i.e. drug testing, defense strategy, adaptation to climate change, pedagogy and curriculum development, business development, etc.

What do you get?
MassSense comes with a lot of the work done for you unlike other SenseMaker® projects and it doesn’t require people to tell a story.  Indeed you are inviting people to participate in the decision process so it should be easier to get participation.

What you get for this is:

  • One month of collecting signified micro-narratives via website and apps.  There is no limit to how many you can capture – but you drive the capture process.
  • Unlimited copies of the SenseMaker® Collector apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices for people to collect material.  The apps allow people to collect audio, text and picture data into the framework.
  • Website for online narrative collection.  The website only collects text data – pictures and audio are not available via this route.
  • A standard output report of the collected material produced by us – including some explanation/interpretation of what the patterns of narrative mean.
  • Free copy of the SenseMaker® Patterns for iPad software with which to explore the data
  • Access to data exports via a project user ID and SenseMaker® Data Export web page – CSV and SMS file types are accessible for use with SenseMaker® Explorer or third-party software tools.
  • Should you need a setup in a language other than English, that can be arranged by contacting us.
  • The ability to customise by adding your logo, introductory text and ONE multi-choice question.

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