Major New Opportunity for Cynefin Practitioners

Cognitive Edge is pleased to announce the first of several initiatives designed to significantly enhance and strengthen support for Cynefin and its practitioners around the world. As Cognitive Edge begins working with key partners in developing industry-specific applications and tools, the demand for qualified Cynefin practitioners will be substantial.  Cognitive Edge is initiating the Cynefin Practitioner Certification program to both build and sustain the credibility and quality of practitioners in order to support this growth.

The Certification Program is designed to give participants a deep i mmersion into the theory and practices of Cognitive Edge’s core methods while simultaneously introducing a mentorship feedback loop to boost individual learning and skills progression. The certification program is unique in that it deeply integrates practice, reflection, and mentorship using a narrative learning journal powered by SenseMaker®.

I’m particularly excited by two key aspects of this new program. First, it recognizes the necessary marriage of theory and practice. Without theory we have no framework for asking the right questions and learning from our experiences. Without actual experience, theory is of little value. Second, the incorporation of Sensemaker® capabilities for governing feedback means participants get meaningful feedback on the actual impact of their efforts, with particular insights around “weak signals” that would otherwise go unnoticed or be purposefully ignored.

We are looking forward to welcoming our first participants at the inaugural Cynefin Practitioner Certification  Program in Whistler, Canada, and to the first delivery of the Cynefin Foundations online course.

Ajay Reddy – CEO Cognitive Edge

The Certification program will have four primary elements that define the journey that participants will navigate as they engage in joining the cohort of certified Cynefin practitioners. The diagram shows the four primary elements.

I’ve long argued against the certification industry and its tendency to give certificates for just turning up and attempts to define a whole field based on proprietary methods or a lowest common denominator approach to curriculum definition. But the need for qualification and quality control means that people needed some proof of capability. So we’ve created a program that includes both formal training and reflective learning over time, with multi-faceted feedback loops.

The program will combine theory with practice and will use a modern version of the medieval apprentice-journey(wo)man-master approach. Participants will use our ground breaking 360º feedback tool to record the views of peers, subjects and clients in near real time. That coupled with a narrative based learning journal will give us something which goes beyond mere attendance or post event completion of a multi-choice open book exam. Participation in the retreats will put practitioners on the cutting edge of theory development, the learning journal will make their experience a matter of record, the opportunity to specialise in one or more applications areas will allow participants to bring their prior knowledge, and third party material to bear with Cognitive Edge’s theory, methods & tools.

Dave Snowden – Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge

Click here to read the full announcement.

Click here to join the first cohort embarking on the Cynefin Practitioner Certification journey by attending the Cynefin Train-the-Trainer and Cynefin Retreat coming to Whistler, BC, Canada from 24-29 June 2018.

Read Dave Snowden’s blog: Scaling the Edge: Cynefin™ as a journey

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Being a Cognitive Edge Certified Practitioner comes with the following benefits:

  1. Demonstrate your experience to customers and employers of your Cynefin knowledge and expertise;
  2. Full engagement with a cohort of experienced practitioners with the intent to advance the field;
  3. Opportunity to earn training revenue by delivering in-person Cynefin Foundations training;
  4. Create application specific training courses collaboratively with Cognitive Edge. Developments are already active in
    the following domains: Agile , Public Sector , Safety , and others;
  5. Earn training revenue with the delivery of Cynefin Application specific training courses
  6. Exclusive access to enhanced Cognitive Edge material, methods and tools for delivery of Cognitive Edge services
    and training (in-house or practitioner level courses within areas of specialisation);
  7. Early and in some cases exclusive access the next generation SenseMaker® tool suite.