Friday Five – Week 82

This week you can read  a collection of nine case stories shared by  Sitra’s Social Education Alumni  who experimented with Sensemaker, and view a brilliant “Introduction to Sensemaker”.

The Agile Scaling debate surfaced again this week with the publication of the “Agile at Scale” article in HBR.  Read more about Dave’s views on scaling in complex systems, and share your thoughts about this article with him in LinkedIn (see last entry in this Friday Five Edition).

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If you want a successful culture, don't copy someone else's (@gapingvoid)

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SenseMaker is a tool for decision making in a new world: nine case stories (Sitra's Social Education Alumni)

[Auto-translated from Finnish]

Sitra’s social education SenseMaker experiments finally took part in ten organizations of society or business who experimented with the tool to the challenge they chose.

Many of the experiments were underpinned by change, sometimes very tangible: Greenpeace looked at climate change, Alma Media’s changing relationship with authorities. Others wanted to find out about the need for change: The Finnish Red Cross asked how volunteering should change, Cosmopolis explored ways to get immigrants better to work. The KEHA Center explored what kind of leadership the te-service employees needed in the regional reform. Vimma wanted to get information from the experiences of creative professionals in the workplace, Heureka, about how people understand the health of the brain. The Competitiveness and Peer Sports Research Center explained what is relevant to sports in the sport.


A total of 1468 stories were collected from alumni SenseMaker experiments. They form a cross-section of Finnish reality right now. Most stories were collected by Alma Media (304 stories) and Broadcasting (258).

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Brilliant "Introduction to SenseMaker®" video from the Measuring the Mountain project being run by the @CynefinCentre

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Dave Snowden

Scaling in complex systems

Simon Burdett invited people to join a #fridaydebate on LinkedIn –

Let’s talk Scaling Agile. I have some questions! If working to a mindset of agility is small change rapidly … what problem does scaling it solve? What purpose does it serve? I’ll explain why I’m asking. I see many polarizing conversations on the subject. Scaling agile in my perhaps uneducated eyes appears a middle management control consolidation framework

In “Scaling in Complex systems” Dave wrote:

” The net result of all reductionist approaches to process management was the emergence of high energy wastage and stress as humans worked around the system to make it work despite itself; effectiveness was sacrificed on the altar of superficial efficiency.”

You can read more about Dave’s thinking on scaling in his blog – there are several blog posts to choose from.


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Dave Snowden

Agile at scale

Dave is interested to hear what people think about the “Agile at Scale” article that was recently published in the Harvard Business Review. Click here to join the conversation in LinkedIn.

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