Friday Five – Week 81

What's next for agile?

I had the opportunity to make an interview with Dave Snowden as he visited Crisp for his latest Master Class end of November, titled “What´s next for agile”. We explored the topic of What´s next for agile, new updates to the Cynefin model, now called Cynefin liminal. Check out the video below to of my interview with Dave (14 min).

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On Epiphany and Apophany

“If lots and lots of people add stories, then we start seeing clusters of patterns, and we can start to think of places where experiments might be possible.

In the fitness landscapes revealed by the stories, tightly-bound clusters indicate that the whole system is pretty rigidly set up to provide the stories being seen. We can only move them if there’s something to move them to; for instance, an adjacent cluster. Shifting these will require big changes to the system, which means a higher appetite for risk and failure, for which you need a real sense of urgency.

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Dave Snowden

False dichotomies, reality avoidance

In my keynote on Friday at Agile Maine I opened by suggesting that there was a schizophrenic dichotomy in the Agile movement between highly structured, harmful, all encompassing frameworks on the one hand, and mostly harmless, but inconsequential methods based on happiness and the like.

The irony of Agile is that that is all started in the right place – small experimental changes, a recognition of the essential messiness of life. But sustaining such realism has proven difficult. An over focus on training and accreditation makes this worse as such approaches require more and more emphasis on codification with standard messages, multi-choice questions and the like.

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Making sense of the complexity of safety (webinar)

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Congratulations with the publication, Jules! Households’ aspirations for rural development through agriculture

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