Cognitive Edge and Code Genesys to Combine Operations

The leadership teams of Cognitive Edge and Code Genesys are excited to announce a merger of their business operations. Cognitive Edge is the leading developer of tools and capabilities that leverage insights from Complex Adaptive Systems theory and other scientific disciplines. These insights drive better decision support, research and knowledge management for the organizations employing them. Code Genesys is a leading player in Lean-Agile tooling and management consulting services. Their products and services improve delivery capabilities across thousands of organizations on a daily basis. The new company will conduct business under the Cognitive Edge brand and will focus on the development of industry-specific products and services fueled by its newly combined capabilities. The new Cognitive Edge will incubate new industry-specific ventures in partnership with key players in those sectors. These new combinations of capabilities and expertise will ensure client companies are further enabled to successfully navigate through the complex business challenges unique to their space.

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