Dave Snowden

London vs. Paris

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I got back from London late last night… Too tired to blog again. London is a really “strange” place. London could be everywhere, I mean it is a city with no real ethnicity as far as I can tell, the restaurants, the people, the nationalities, the languages spoken. Even at Paddington train station you can find, a Sushi bar, a salad bar, a pizzeria, French bread, bagels place and the list goes on and on and on… Whereas when I have been in Paris, Paris is unconditionally French (a bit like Rome is unconditionally Italian), people will speak French, will eat French (I have had the best meal of my life in Paris), drink French. And I actually like that!!! I am not a great fan of choices at the cost of character…. I like to feel the place with all of their history… And I guess, it is better to have choices is you live there. But if you are visiting I am not really sure.