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Screen shot 2010-10-16 at 09.50.28.png I was at home this evening watching the Cardiff Blues secure, in the very last moment, a critical away loosing bonus point to Castres in the Heineken Cup (for those Rugby illiterates out there the premier Northern Hemisphere club tournament). If we had played in the first half as we played in the second; but that is a story for another day.

In parallel with that I was checking the web sites for the crazy situation of commercial interests conspiring in a an attempt to destroy Liverpool FC, one of the great Football Clubs of all time. The farce of playing games with a clubs balance sheet and then trying to get a Texas Court to override the ruling of an English Court in respect of an English Club is a nonsense of itself. More importantly it reveals a failure to understand the way that community identity can be tied into the fortunes of a sports team, to show any empathy with the passion and loyalty of the fans.

The ritual of fortnightly attendance at home matches, and the occasional trip to an away match are part of the wider pattern of identity that brings a community together. Having stood in the terraces of Kop and the Arms Park over the years it is difficult to conceive of how anyone could risk destroying what is a sacred object, an artifact of identity to a vital community.
If there is a curse that can be laid on the perpetuators this latest nonsense then it is the title of this posting.

If you don’t understand this, they try listening to this without tears in your eyes