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Cynefin v45º complete

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Today was a rest and relaxation day here in Tuscany.  I went for a swim at 0700, few others saw the light of day for several hours. Aside from a brief shopping trip and taking a millimetre or two of one tyre of the van getting it out of a tight situation its all being peaceful.  If got a lot of reading done, cleared some emails and then settled down to complete the v45º domain models.   The complex one is re-produced below but other than some very minor changes remains stable bar the 45º reorientation.

The thing which took the time this afternoon was getting all four domain models up onto a single sheet with all the coherence and movement lines in the right place.  I admit to enjoying this sort of thing but can also get a little obsessive as you may observe.   Now is also the time to acknowledge the source of the step shift idea namely Rob England to whom my thanks.

Now the three dimensional version interested me when I saw it.  If I could draw (which I can’t) then I would have produced a version with hollows in each domain and a central slippery slope to a hole in the centre representing disorder.   If anyone fancies it and has the talent then I am happy to give a briefing, but then I made it a step down from chaos to complexity earlier in this series so it needs some thinking.

So that means I can now put everything together into a single image as shown below.  I really need to print it off and arrange it on some asymmetric cylinder then take a picture, but for the moment your imagination will have to serve.   If you have been following the series it needs no more explanation, and I am on holiday so it is getting no more today but I will answer questions during the week.  Several people asked for the images to play with so I have loaded them to flickr and you should feel free to use them, just keep me in touch!   A lot more of this and other matters on the Cognitive Edge training programmes, especially the up coming one in London which I am teaching.


Chaotic domain explained

Simple domain explained

Complicated domain explained

Complex domain explained, but new illustration below

Scaffolding aspects explained