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Spring is here, and while I am am feeling no impulse to administer toxins to any member of the Columbidae family I did feel the need to get out for a walk with the camera.

I’ve had a difficult couple of weeks since my last post, with intermittent internet access. A two week round the world trip completed last Saturday, but I was immediately out to Amsterdam after one night at home, and that was followed by a five hour drive to Durham arriving 0230 on Tuesday morning. Given that in the last couple of months I have also been involved in sub-one week trips to Brisbane, Singapore and the USA time for thinking or writing has been limited and survival has been the name of the game.

However a nights sleep, a walk to a newly refurbished local pub for a lunch, with the camera and harmony is restored. On the way out I could see the cricket square being prepared for the season, see a pair of crows mob a marauding peregrine and thread my way through a grave yard which was a riot of colour thanks to spring flowers more than visitors. More serious blogs to follow, although I am out to Copenhagen tomorrow and then to the US (Atlanta and New York) next week, but those are more manageable trips and less frantic than the last few weeks.