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Small countries, big ideas

6 Oct 14 · 5:43 am

For the last year with Bangor University and the Welsh Audit Office I've been working on our Small Countries Big Ideas initiative.   The basic idea is to create a series of properly researched programmes using SenseMaker® in the areas of health, social services and development.    In all these areas we have existing projects and a lot of excitement.   However for the next stage of our development we need to have a more controlled, less ad hoc approach along with proper research and papers describing what happens and also what needs to be changed.

We went public with it today, using a broadcast to members of the network and within the first day we have had sign ups, offers to help do the analysis and interest in replicating the process in other countries.   One person from Australia booked their flight within minutes (thanks Viv!).   I can't really add much to the description in the paper that I produced for this with the help of Jules and others.  I've reproduced the invitation bellow for those not on the list.

This is the first of a series of such events.  With the investment we have put into SenseMaker® over the last few years we can now start to move away from unique projects with high set up costs to complete programmes with lower cost of entry.  Expect a raft of HR offerings soon with a narrative based 360º feedback tool for leaders and individuals at its core along with Culture and Knowledge Scan.  I'm also working on an equivalent...

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Guest Blog

Guided hike across the Glyders

By Jules K. Yim  ·  23 Oct 14  ·  2:59 am

As Dave mentioned in his blog post about Small Countries, there will be a guided hike across the Glyders on the 26th October, starting 10:30 at Ogwen Cottage. (Paid parking there or free parking along the road to the east)

The initial walk is open to all, and requires no more than trainers / sneakers and the usual rain jackets etc.; as we ascend the Devil’s Kitchen people can choose to drop out and continue around the lake.

After that it's a rough scree walk to the top of Glyder Fawr – this portion requires proper waterproof mountain boots and probably gloves and headwear to be safe – then a glorious walk over the top to Glyder Fach but with a lot of large loose rocks so it will be slow going. After that we descend to the old Minder Road and track to Bwlch Tryfan and return.

Those interested in photos of the trail can find them on Dave's Flickr – please get in touch with me Jules if you'd like to be included in the walk. Car-pooling from Caernarfon and/or Bangor may be...

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