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Morality tale or musical jest?

5 Aug 14 · 10:37 pm

My last full day in Australia before flying back to the UK tomorrow and it was pretty packed.  The seminar Simon and I had run the previous week generated a lot of interest and I had follow through meetings before repeating the social sector event from Brisbane.  For the evening I planned to go to the opera house in Sydney to see Don Giovanni, one of two Mozart Operas I am prepared to make an effort to go to.  I agree with Kierkegaard that it is Mozart's greatest opera and that opera is the greatest form of art, but I profoundly disagree that Mozart is the greatest of all composers, but simply I think he lacks emotional depth, its all to clever by half.  But the world seems divided between Wagnerians and Motzartians and the distinction does seem to fall between the musicologists and those of us who prefer a grander envisioning of meaning.

But this production had a good cast and on the night Nicole Carr as Dona Elvira had a voice to die for and a body to match the idea of a young naive victim of an experienced and cynical seducer.  But overall the set was drab and the scene where Don Giovanni is taken into Hell was comical, it  lacked gravitas and on that scene the whole opera stands or falls.  Jud Arthur as the Commendatore  just didn't have the depth of voice or presence to make it work.  Leporello was clumsy not comic-tragic.  I could go on but it was played as jest  not as a...

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Amsterdam Two-Day SenseMaker® Design: Only a week left to take advantage of Early Bird Discount!

By Michael Cheveldave  ·  1 Aug 14  ·  7:09 am

There are still seats available at the Two Day SenseMaker® Design course in Amsterdam held over 16-17 September 2014. Enjoy EUR200 off the course fees if you sign up before 8 August 2014.

SenseMaker® is a highly innovative technique to gain insights and support decisions in complex spaces. However the full potential is not always seized by underestimation of the mind-shift required to understand the different approach of SenseMaker®.

The trainers, SenseGuide have been working together the last three years on more then 20 SenseMaker® projects with a variety of applications for customer insights, employee engagement, innovation, risk & security, safety, monitoring and evaluation in government, NGO and corporate environments.

Having learned from their failures and successes they have worked out a design approach that aims to build an effective sensemaking environment that engage stakeholders on all levels emphasising the different approach SenseMaker® takes.

Join us and learn how to gain insights and support decisions that make a difference.

Amsterdam, 16 and 17 September 2014

Email SenseGuide if you have questions or would like further information.


Note: this is a repost of Jules Yim's recent blog.

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