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Barber shop ramblings

5 Sep 14 · 6:32 pm

Today was one of those days that occasionally hit you when you travel a lot.   I came in overnight from South Africa and my original plan had been the best part of two days at home before flying out to Marrakech for a client event Sunday.   As it happened I was asked to go out a day early so the sequence of events today was not fun.   I had to pick up the last piece of furniture for the study from Station Furniture near Heathrow at 0830 so I used the free hour to have a shower in the new Arrivals Lounge at Terminal 2.  Then I stopped off in Marlborough for a haircut, then home to handle three loads of washing and repack for what will be a week away (I go onto Washington from Marrakech via a dinner speaking engagement in London on Tuesday night).  I also had to fit in two meetings and three conference calls before heading for the airport on the train.  The latter to allow me to finish off a key proposal.   All a bit frantic really but it will work out.

The most interesting aspect however was the hair cut.   The barber's shop I have used for twenty years in Marlborough has been going down hill for some time.   Now I don't have much hair so I don't get too precious about things.  My normal instruction is to trip the hair above the ears and use a number two clipper on the beard.  Last time I had the unfortunate experience of having the clipper run through my hair...

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Guest Blog

Early Bird Discount for Washington DC’s CSM course ending 8th Sep

By Michael Cheveldave  ·  2 Sep 14  ·  6:43 pm

Update below from Jules Yim who leads our course marketing:

Summer's nearly over, and with it our Early Bird discount for the CSM course in Washington DC from the 29th September to the 2nd October.

We'd like to share more about the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with Tony Quinlan and Michael Cheveldave during the executive coaching session, which is bundled with Day 4 and is directly related to its afternoon session – learning how to work with narrative in facilitated sessions and in large volumes with SenseMaker®.

This covers more than just theory and broad brushes in application, as Tony and Michael have decades of experience using narrative across diverse fields in the private and public sectors. You'll get go hear their experiences applying SenseMaker® in countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Ethiopia, Canada, USA, Rwanda, Egypt and Singapore, getting executive buy-in… or pick their brains and perhaps even solve a nagging issue or two you've been having.

If you take advantage of the Early Bird discount for the full 4-day CSM course, you can save up to $439 — this discount ends on the 8th September.

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