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Narratives of culture: the score

22 Feb 15 · 10:48 am

This is going to be a little out of sequence, but I want to come to how we gather narrative for the new culture scans in future posts.   Suffice it to say for the moment that this uses SenseMaker® and a non-hypothesis question that can be asked of the whole workforce or just a sample: What story would you tell your best friend if they were thinking of joining your workgroup?   The employee then interprets that story using a series of signifiers that provide quantitive data, but at any stage we can look at the stories from which the numbers are derived.   I'll be going through the signifiers and their background in subsequent posts.

So suspend any curiosity about the how for the moment and lets look at some of the ways we can use the data to manage the evolutionary potential of the present rather than trying to engineer to some desired future state.   Now we can do this in several ways, but I want to run through two options today.

Basic, on the iPad in the standard service

The simplest is to look at the pattern revealed by the overall positioning of the narratives on one of the signifiers.   I've shown one in the opening picture and it illustrates the basic principle of signification in SenseMaker® namely something that it difficult to game (unlike a conventional linear scale) with three positive qualities; more on that tomorrow.   In this case we can see that the overall orientation of the organisation is towards...

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Guest Blog

Customer experiences as narrative landscapes

By Michael Cheveldave  ·  27 Jan 15  ·  3:38 am

I was prompted by an email exchange earlier this week about a company seeing customer experience as the make or break for succeeding at a brand transformation or a brand change initiative.  SenseMaker® is being considered but is currently viewed as a technology driven solution which was a concern as this particular company has seen far too many other technology driven solutions fail with little or no adoption.  This bothered me as I have seen many people quickly categorize SenseMaker® as a technology solution which to my mind is a very limited perspective on what it offers. Most if not all of my introductory conversations emphasize that SenseMaker® is a narrative or engagement driven solution that uses technology to aid in scaleability as well as to facilitate wider and deeper scanning. 

I often emphasize the process of journalling real-time observations and capturing fragments of natural conversations over the technology and process of recording and representation. As such the focus is on capturing a sufficient sample of a wider flow of experiences moment to moment. What you want to emphasize is that a SenseMaker® initiative should seek at creating a way of tapping into the natural discourse or multiple flows of micro-narratives (experiences, observations, reflections, or “what-ifs” in the form of micro scenarios) in sufficient volume to enable the organization to be far more effective at sensing the current reality including the dynamic shifts in real time.


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